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Helpful resources as you begin seeing patients again (U.S. Only)


Practice Resources

ALCON RELEASE: Power of One 2.0 Program Shows Compliant Contact Lens Wear Can Improve Practice Outcomes


AOA Optometry Practice Reactivation Preparedness Guide (PDF)


• Federal Resources for Small Businesses


• BRILLIANT TOGETHER AD: Alcon Support around Telehealth Billing and Coding (PDF)


• WEBINAR: Digital Marketing Guide for Optometry Practices (registration/login required; visit “Additional Resources” section)


• VIDEO: Effectively Communicating with Patients (registration/login required; visit “Additional Resources” section)


• WORKSHEET: Six Steps for Improving Communication With Patients (registration/login required; visit “Additional Resources” section)


• Order Office Materials: Reach out to your Account Manager if you’re in need of Alcon product materials including posters, brochures, point-of-purchase displays , trial lenses, etc.


• AAO COVID-19 Info Hub


Re-opening resources for your office including sample social media posts, a patient communication guide, office scripts, office signage and more. Visit (registration/log-in required)


Telehealth Webinar Recording (Password: QjVYPjv2)


Patient Resources

• BRILLIANT TOGETHER AD: Alcon Resources on Safe Contact Lens Wear During COVID-19 (PDF)


• Online Resources for Engaging with Eye Allergy Patients (registration/login required; resources in COVID-19 and PATADAY sections)


• Social Media Resources for the Safe Wear of Contact Lenses (registration/login required; resources in COVID-19 section)


Training Opportunities

• BRILLIANT TOGETHER AD: Alcon Offers Virtual Training Opportunities (PDF)


• Multifocal Training Modules: Explore an array of videos, podcasts and webinars around    the multifocal fitting process, patient profiles, lens options and more at the Alcon    Experience Academy.
   Additional Resources and Course Library Sections on


• Get Acquainted with PRECISION1® Contact Lenses: Explore videos and materials on the    Alcon Experience Academy.
   Additional Resources and Course Library Sections on


• Learn More about Dry Eye: Explore videos, podcasts, clinical studies and other materials    on dry eye disease, the SYSTANE® family of products and the iLUX® device.
   Additional Resources and Course Library Sections on


Click here for more resources and information related to practice cash flow.


Questions? Reach out to your Account Manager or Alcon Customer Service at 1-800-241-5999.


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