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Resources and Alcon financial policies during COVID-19 (U.S. Only)


• ALCON RELEASE: Power of One 2.0 Program Shows Compliant Contact Lens Wear Can Improve Practice Outcomes


• MARLO: Last year, we successfully piloted MARLO, a digital platform that allows patients to order Alcon contact lenses directly from their ECP and have them shipped free to the location of their choice. MARLO sends patient-friendly reorder and exam reminders to keep the ECP and patient connected during the contact lens buying process as an added benefit. It also enables phone orders, which allows practices to fulfill a patient contact lens order without a visit to the office. Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in learning more.


• Payment Terms: For private practices that buy directly from Alcon and customers using MARLO, we have extended payment terms throughout Q2 by an additional 30 days to help you free up cash flow for other priorities.


• Loyalty Lock Discount: Alcon will grant an automatic extension of Loyalty Lock inventory pricing through July 31, 2020 for all practices enrolled in the Loyalty Lock program as of March 31, 2020. 


• MagnifEYE Customer Rebate Program: Alcon evaluated the MagnifEYE qualification levels at the end of Q1 for practices enrolled in the program, thereby taking the impact of COVID-19 into consideration. For Q2, we have eliminated the minimum point requirement, simplified rebate calculations, switched to monthly payouts and lowered the minimum average quarterly amount for program eligibility. See the communication Alcon sent via email or regular mail for more details.


• Q2 Annual Supply Patient Rebates: Auto shipment of Q2 rebate pads has been postponed but ECP offices can still request a pad from your Account Manager. In addition, your rep should have e-mailed a PDF copy of the Q2 rebate. Alcon will also continue to honor Q1 rebate slips through June 30, 2020, so you can continue using the Q1 rebate slip with patients until you receive the Q2 rebate pads.


• Free Direct-to-Patient Shipping: Alcon is offering free direct-to-patient shipping for those    who order a 90-day supply or greater. This includes purchases from ECP offices made    directly to Alcon or via an authorized distributor.

Questions? Reach out to your Account Manager or Alcon Customer Service at 1-800-241-5999.


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