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Alcon is supporting charitable partners that are serving the most vulnerable populations affected by the outbreak. The Alcon Foundation has made monetary donations to local, national and global organizations to support meal programs, provide essential supplies to shelters and aid public health emergency relief efforts.


Alcon has ramped up its efforts to donate personal protective equipment (PPE), while also producing additional PPE and hand sanitizers for relief efforts.







Alcon’s product donations support programs dedicated to improving and restoring vision to patients around the world. In 2019, volunteer surgeons participating in the 529 medical missions to 69 countries that we supported, performed 38,000 surgeries.

To help address the immense need for care in the U.S., which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we support free surgeries to eligible, un- and under-insured patients with the Alcon Cares Indigent Patient Surgery Program. For eligibility requirements and an application, click here or contact Alcon Cares at [email protected]





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